I have always enjoyed being creative and use a wide variety of techniques and styles which I apply to all types of media. These include pastel, acrylic and also copper and cake! I am completely self-taught and was fortunate enough to have an artistic mother who encouraged my interest.

My first love was chalk pastels. This is almost certainly due to my mother's influence. From an early age I had pastels in my hand which was her preferred medium at that time. I have since grown to love acrylics and mixed media.

I love experimenting and my most recent work utilises solvent based paints which when mixed can produce a variety of honeycomb and hammered effects giving a picture a unique vibrancy.

I enjoy the world around me and trying to capture it on canvas. My real passion is when I can paint an observation or try and paint a message across. I have lots of ideas in my head so watch this space!

Jambo, Mama, Papa, Bon Bons